Feedback 101 Online Course Free

In This Free Course You Will Learn

  • The benefits of providing feedback
  • How to use feedback as a motivator
  • Three different feedback approaches
  • When to use each type of feedback

Start Learning Today How To Lead A Team

  • Motivate & Develop
  • Create Top Performers
  • Get More Done Through Others
  • Understand How To Get People Fully Engaged

As a leader myself for over 30 years, I know it is challenging to find the time to mentor and coach new supervisors we promote. We have our own challenges and time constraints. Sending new supervisors to workshops and seminars provides a way to learn what they should be doing, but I always found that this new information never gets put into action when they return.

Our model of Coaching starts with understanding the importance of Employee Engagement. Then we add the power of Effective Feedback during this engagement. Beyond this engagement is learning to take the Feedback process and add in Behavior Coaching, where we help team members identify and improve areas in need of change. And finally, Performance Coaching is where we Leverage Human Desire that we all have to create top performers.