Creating Work Life Balance Using The Power of Coaching

Coaching Topics Each Week

Week 1 - Discover Your Values - Life Wheel

Week 2 - Powerful Goals For Life Satisfaction

Week 3 - Powerful Habits That Create Success

Week 4 - More Energy - Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Week 5 - Love What You Do Discover Your Passion & Purpose

Week 6 - Coaching For Long Term Success

How Does It Work?

Course Structure

  • Six weekly coaching sessions
  • Small groups, limited to 6-10 people
  • Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes
  • Sessions take place online, allowing anyone to join.
  • Sessions will take place on Saturday mornings.

Ready To Discover A More Satisfied Life?

Are you ready to spend 6 weeks with me to generate habits and actions that will create work life balance,  true joy and happiness in your life?  

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There is actually a science behind being happy. Simple things, powerful results.