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Employee Engagement


We start by delivering 8 weekly coaching sessions on EMPLOYEE Engagement skills.We show you how to create regular habits of positive engagement with your team members.  Understanding needs and desires your team members have.

Effective Feedback Skills


As part of the first 8 weeks, you will also learn how to create simple but effective ways to provide both positive and constructive feedback.  Feedback that guides and motivates team members to maximize their performance.

Behavior Coaching


Our Supervisor Mentoring Program will then begin to deliver content to teach you  the power of Behavior Coaching. These skills will equip you to  change the negative behaviors and reinforce the positive behavior.

Performance Coaching


And finally, learning Performance Coaching where we guide and develop team members to excel by leveraging their own passions and desires.  This will help you keep team members engaged and performing at their highest level.

What to do next

How To Become a top performing leader of people

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Visit our learning community and sign-up for our first Mentoring Course.  Not ready?  That's OK.  You will see an option to get a free course on Motivation 101.

Weekly Coaching Videos


About every 7 days you will receive a new video on how to use Coaching to improve team member performance.

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Addition Content Included


Members of our Learning Community, also have access to several other Video Coaching Sessions as well as full training courses.

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