Coaching Skills For New Leaders

What Is Poor Leadership Costing You?

High Turnover

The number one reason people leave an organization is because of their direct supervisor.  How much are you spending bring new people in?

Costly Training

New hires are costly.  Measure the time and resources it takes to bring a new hire into your company and provide them with the skills to perform their job.

Unhappy Customers

When your team members stop caring about the company performance, your customers will ultimately suffer.  Company performance is directly tied to how positive your team members feel about what they do.

Learning How To Effectively Coach Team Members Changes Everything!!

Our Approach To Coaching


We start by creating regular habits of positive engagement with your team members.  Understanding needs and desires your team members have.

Effective Feedback Skills

Next, you will learn how to create simple but effective ways to provide both positive and constructive feedback.

Behavior Coaching

Now we add the power of Behavior Coaching that will equip you to either change the negative behaviors.

Performance Coaching

And finally, learning Performance Coaching where we guide and develop team members to excel.

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