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PathFinder Coaching

Course Materials


The PathFinder Course is our foundation as we begin our Coaching relationship. The course manual will guide you between session with exercises and reading to generate deep thinking and uncover your true self.  

Small Group or One On One Coaching


I use the PathFinder Course to help us get started in our Coaching Journey together.  Each week we will meet over the phone to discuss your goals and objectives for the session.  I will hold you accountable to accomplish your goals.

Free Discovery Session


Words alone cannot provide you with the amazing power of Coaching.  I would like to invite you to schedule a free discovery session with me, so we can discuss your goals and desires.  In this 15-20 minutes you will experience what Coaching is.

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My Coaching Program


Self Awareness

The PathFinder Program is founded on the idea that personal success and happiness ultimately comes from enhanced Personal Awareness.  Our Journey will include several discovery exercises that will help you uncover essential personal development areas such as Values, Beliefs, Goals, Skills, and more.



When you know your Values, it is easy to know when something is right for you.  Because your values are the things that are most important to you.  The things you cannot live happily without.



Beliefs are a feeling of certainty around what a thing means.  Like Values, your Beliefs motivate you and impact your results.  You collect your Beliefs from family, friends, and experiences.  Many of your beliefs are subconsciously created, and it takes focused effort to identify them.



having goals is a critical part of having a successful life.  Goals should motivate, challenge, and inspire you to learn and grow.  We will determine where you are now, where you want to go, learn to dream big, and create an action plan to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.



There is a saying that 'knowledge is power'.  But knowledge is only powerful when there is application.  As your Coach, I will hold you accountable to accomplish what you decide is important to you.  As we hit bumps along the way, I will encourage you to go over, under, or through those obstacles.  



It is not just the results that give us energy and the feeling of accomplishment.  When we are in pursuit of our passions and purpose, we feel like happy and more positive overall.  You will learn to love the 'process' of obtaining your goals during out time together.

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